Why FaithSwap?

FaithSwap is an automated market maker software (AMM) built on Smart Contract Language called 'RIDE'. It ensures each SWAP operation is independent from centralized exchange and records of transactions are immutable & stored on blockchain forever.

"FaithSwap is World Wide Web based on blockchain technology purely designed for Web3 suite built on Turtle.Network"

Users can participate in governance model based system through voting to list tokens or assets in AMM with community driven token '$CODE'.

FaithSwap AMM

Minimum Swap

Swap Fee

Min. Liquidity Support
5 USDT + 5 $ Asset

Weekly LP Rewards
25 CODE each Pair

CODE Tokenomics?

CODE is an High Inflation Token based on a decay curve formula where minting of token require mandatory conditions met in 'A4A' Smart Contract.

"CODE abbreviation stands for an automated Certificate Of DEposit"

To MINT new supply of CODE users must BURN old token supply during staking. Curve over time defines how much supply can be minted and each passing block is decaying the inflation until parameters (days) are adjusted.


Minimum Staking Requirement
77 A4A with 90D Staking

CODE Mature Period
18 Days

Claim Fee
75 TN
5-23% Tax towards Treasury based on A4A Staking

What is A4ADAO?

A4ADAO is a social marketing vehicle which aim is to capture social momentum among crypto communities while helping leverage and strengthen each other in tandem. WEEKLY and MONTHLY distributions help rally A4ADAO’s engagement.

Fixed APY Range: 1.875%-15%

"A4ADAO abbreviation stands for Airdrop 4(for) All Decentralized Autonomous Organization

$A4A are minted by collateralizing $TN at a fixed ratio of 50:1 (50 TN = 1 A4A)


A4A Backup Value
1 A4A = 50 TN Always

Hard Cap
250000 A4A [12.5M TN]

Bronze[77] Silver[6000] Gold[11000] Diamond[12000]

1% Mint + 1 % Burn